Aerial View

UT2004 version - 26th March 2004

Miles Asvachin


A single mutator for UT2004 combining the capabilities of the three mutators Taken from Behind, Fly Mutator and Boots of Jumping and adding quite a few new features.

Specifically, it allows players to fly, allows 3rd person view with proper aiming and gives players jump boots. Each of the three components can be enabled/disabled independently.


UT4MOD Installation:

Simply double-click on the .ut4mod file and click a few buttons.


Manual Installation:

If you would rather do a manual install, then you must first extract the files from the ut4mod. There is a utility available for this purpose, called 'UT2MODExtractor' (yes it works with ut4mods, you just have to set it to open all file types when you go to open the ut4mod).

Once that is done, put the following files in the indicated directories:

AerialView.u                             ->        UT2004\System                           ->        UT2004\System
AerialView.ucl                           ->        UT2004\System
AerialView.ini                           ->        UT2004\System
AerialViewSounds.uax              ->        UT2004\Sounds
AerialViewStaticMeshes.usx      ->       UT2004\StaticMeshes
AerialViewTextures.utx              ->       UT2004\Textures



Add the mutator like any other. The mutator can be configured (click on it in the mutator list, then on the 'configure' button that appears in the lower right of the screen, or edit the ini file). It has the following options, which are server-side unless noted:


These options only take effect if flying is enabled:


These options only take effect if 3rd person view is enabled Press F4 to switch between 1st and 3rd person views:

Note that the animated crosshair assumes the colour of your normal, non-weapon-specific crosshair. To set that colour, go to the weapon preference menu, and make sure 'custom weapon crosshairs' is turned off (you can turn it back on after setting the colour).


These options only take effect if Jump Arena is enabled:


There is one extra control bind-able in the controls menu:


If you run a server with the mutator, you must add the package to the server packages list in UT2004.ini. Add the line ServerPackages=AerialView under the section labelled [Engine.GameEngine], making sure there are no spaces at the end of the line.


Changes since UT2003 version:


Known bugs:

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions or comments, please e-mail them to me.