November Guns

First Version - 12th July 2004

Miles Asvachin



Useable turrets for the 'November' ship. This is not a stand-alone mod, but is intended for use by mappers. They are based on the Assault turrets and so work normally in Assault, but need special treatment to make them work in Onslaught (you'll have to work out how to do that for yourself).



If you wish to place more turrets, you can find the factory in the actor browser under SVehicleFactory->ASVehicleFactory->ShipTurretFactory



By default, the turrets fire once every 3 seconds, the shells travel in a slow arc and do similar damage to the Goliath over a larger radius. You can change this to suit your needs by editing the properties of various classes.




Don't forget to save the map after making changes.


Known bugs:

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions or comments, please e-mail them to me.