Sentinel Gear

Version 1.0 final

19th August 2009

Miles Asvachin

Requires Sentinel 1.0 or higher.


As one of our most valued customers, you have been granted access to the higher specification Sentinels normally restricted to official military organizations. Also available to you for a limited time is a selection of experimental Sentinel equipment not available through retail channels.


Extract the zip to "My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\".


There are three mutators. When starting a game, add one or more of the mutators to the active list as you would with any other mutator. You must also either run the original Sentinel mutator or otherwise play a game that already has Sentinels in it, otherwise the new mutators will have no effect (they don't add any Sentinels to the game themselves, only modify existing ones).

Alternatively, you can add some or all of the upgrades/weapons to the lists in UTMutator_Sentinel.ini instead of running the upgrade/weapon mutators. I recommend using the mutators if you're running a public server so that players can see in the server browser that the Sentinels are non-standard.

Running on a server:

If you start your server from the command line, add this: ?mutator=UTMutator_SentinelGear.UTMutator_MilSpecSentinels, and/or ?mutator=UTMutator_SentinelGear.UTMutator_ExperimentalSentinelUpgrades, and/or ?mutator=UTMutator_SentinelGear.UTMutator_ExperimentalSentinelWeapons


Change Log:

1.0 final (19th August 200)

1.0 beta 3 (2nd October 2008)

1.0 beta 2 (1st September 2008)

1.0 beta 1 (16th August 2008)

Known bugs:

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions or comments, feel free to e-mail them to me.