Mr Evil's Realm

Welcome to my site. This text at the top of the page doesn't say anything useful, I have put it here only because the page looks empty otherwise. You can therefore stop reading this now and move on down the page.

More 3D printing, this time a desk fan made out of a drone propeller.

This week, I made a box.

Some projects take a long time. The pair of speakers I just made took ~15 years between first having the idea and finally realizing it.

As only EU citizens may hold .eu domains, and Brexit means that my citizenship will be taken from me, I will lose the domain as of January 2021. This site will continue to be available at instead; you may want to update any bookmarks you have. I hope that those of you who voted for Brexit get what you want, because the rest of us certainly won't.

I think I need to sit down.

Converted this site from HTML 4 to HTML 5. I put it off before because it means losing some compatibility with Internet Explorer, which I think is acceptable now that IE represents <4% of visitors. If you're still using IE then everything will look awful, but should mostly still work. Try a better browser, like Firefox. If you can't change browser, then you have my sympathy.

Today I give you: A solar powered... thing... I'm not quite sure what it is yet.

It's been too long since I wrote about something I made. This time it's an electronic load, which will undoubtedly evoke very little excitement, even for those people who know what one is.

We had some snow. I took some photos of it, with cats on top.

After a long period without doing much audio-related, I built some coaxial speakers with a DSP-powered active crossover.

Let there be light... and supercapacitors.

Another Raspberry Pi-based project, a weather station.

Continuing with the overkill materials theme, here's a phone pouch made of Kevlar.

More carbon fibre... and sandwiches.

Carbon fibre is the 21st century's must-have material; everything made of it is instantly 10x more hip. Therefore I like to use it everywhere, even when there is no good reason to, like for a new case for my PC.

I finally got around to putting a copyright notice at the bottom of the site. Also, pretty picture.

And now for something completely different: A bicycle.

Put up a page about my latest project: WiFi Lighting.

Released a little tool for calculating file hashes.

Here are some photos of a red fox.

I obtained my own domain name recently, and switched this site to it (, which is where you should be right now).

See my new server and its accessory of dubious utility.

I don't normally like to put political stuff up here, but the upcoming referendum on AV is important. If you vote yes, and we get reform, then we will finally have a chance to break free of the 2½ party system that we are currently stuck with. It will make it possible to vote for who we really want, instead of being forced to vote for who we dislike the least.

Moved all my music music off this site and onto Jamendo. There are a couple of new tracks in there. Also, they all have names now instead of numbers.