Welcome to my site. Herein you will find pages documenting some of the things that I have done over the years since the site was first made. A lot of it is to do with electronics, programming and other technical subjects, but you can also find art, music, crafts, and various weird stuff too. A selection of articles is presented below. You can find the complete list through the menu on the left.



Software for serving music to a web browser.

Laser Blinkenlights

Visualization of CPU usage with lasers.

Coaxial Tower Speakers

Very large speakers made from aluminium extrusions.


A tiny LCD monitor on the front of my fileserver, and software to display useful statistics on it.


Coax Speakers + DSP

3-way coaxial loudspeakers, plus subwoofer, with a DSP to flatten the frequency response.

Capacitance Multiplier

A capacitance multiplier power supply with improved ripple rejection and low dropout voltage.


A mod adding deployable turrets to the game Unreal Tournament 3.

Custom PC Case

The case I made for my PC, using aluminium extrusions and carbon fibre panels.



A raytraced image. The oldest thing left on my site.


Winter photography.

UT2004 Hit Effects

To help creating mods for the game UT2004. Not very useful now the game is old, but perhaps still of interest to someone.

CD Zapping

CD in a microwave.