Radix Reducer

Current version: 1.2


Radix Reducer converts a number in any base between 2 (binary) and 36 (sexatrigesimal) inclusive to all other bases in that range simultaneously. Numbers may be negative and may also contain radix fractions e.g. -14.752. The symbols [0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ] are used to represent decimal numbers 0 to 35 respectively. A period "." is used for the radix point. A dash "-" prefixes a number to indicate that it is negative. Fractions are calculated to between 1 and 128 radix places (user selectable). There is no limit to the precision of the integer part.


A recent Java runtime environment (tested with 1.5.0). You can download the Sun JRE from www.java.com


Screenshot of Radix Reducer

More information can be found in the readme.


Radix_Reducer_1_2.zip - 10KB

Source code

Radix_Reducer_1_2_source.zip - 7KB