Unreal Series - Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the most common questions can be answered by reading the readme file that accompanies everything I release. I would appreciate it if you could take the time to read it as well as this FAQ before e-mailing me.

  1. How do I configure a mutator?

    Open the Instant Action menu, and then go to the mutator menu. Click on the mutator in the list, and a button labelled configure will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. Clicking on it will open the configuration menu.

  2. I am trying to run a server with a mutator, but no one joining can see the weapon (or whatever the mutator adds).

    Make sure you have added the package to the ServerPackages section in UT2003.ini and that there are no spaces at the end of the line or any spelling mistakes.

  3. Where is the .ini file?

    .ini files are created automatically the first time you configure the mutator. It will be placed in the UT2003\System directory.

  4. How do I use more than one weapon mutator at the same time?

    You cannot use more than one of my (or most other) weapon mutators at the same time because it is possible to cause problems that way. To use more than one custom weapon in a game at once you need to get a mutator designed specifically for adding multiple weapons, such as SwitchArsenal.

  5. What happened to the individual weapons?

    They have all been compiled into a single weapon mutator, Weapons of Evil. They are no longer available individually.

  6. Will you join my mod team?

    No, I already have enough to do!.

  7. UT2003 crashes when I use one of your mutators or I found a bug!

    First of all, please check the page for the particular mutator on this site, as it will contain the most recent list of known bugs. Some of the mutators require a minimum version of UT2003 (unfortunately it is difficult for me to determine exactly which version is required by everything). Try upgrading to the most recent version (available here: http://www.unrealtournament2003.com). If that doesn't help then please e-mail me with as much information as possible, e.g. under what circumstances does it crash, does it crash only on certain maps, in certain gametypes, only when used in conjunction with another mutator etc?

  8. Will [some mutator] be ported to UT2004?

    I'm not doing anything more for UT2004 now, sorry.