UT2003 - Nali Bricks



It's a 'Breakout' clone! It features:

  • Completely 3D!
  • 20 power-ups, including some UT2003 weapons.
  • 7 levels arranged in a ladder, with a special treat when you complete the ladder.
  • Loads of special effects.
  • Custom sounds, textures, meshes etc.
  • Easy to create custom content.


Nali Bricks:

Current version: 1.2, released 14th July 2003

NaliBricksv12.zip - 7.12MB

Ji'Habou ladder:

Five extra maps arranged in a ladder. Significantly more challenging than the original maps.

JiHabou.zip - 14.0MB

  • Requires Nali Bricks v1.2 or newer.
  • Requires the Epic bonus pack, available via the official UT2003 site.


Guardians Hydric Gloom
Some of the maps.
Ball with power-ups
Powered up!
Skull ball Tennis ball
Several different ball and paddle meshes, with support for custom meshes and skins.
Scoreboard with comprehensive statistics.
Ladder interface
The ladder.