Although my previous setup performed admirably, having five very large speakers in, addition to the substantially dimensioned amplifier case, takes up far too much room, leaving me unable to position the everything as I would like. Thus I decided to attempt to build something more compact while maintaining or even improving on the sound quality of my previous setup. It will remain at five channels. I did toy with the idea of upgrading to seven channels, but couldn't see any substantial benefit to outweigh the increased cost, time and effort.


Given that size was one of the main goals, I went with five small two-way satellite speakers covering about 115Hz-20kHz. These use active crossovers, since they offer tremendous advantages over passive ones. To fill out the low end, and make a total mockery of my small size goal, there is also one enormous horn subwoofer covering 20Hz-115Hz.

Two finished speakers photo
Two of the satellites.
The subwoofer amplifier with the top cover removed
The subwoofer amplifier.
A view of the subwoofer as a bed
The subwoofer/bed.

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