Titanium Spudger


What do you mean, you don't know what a spudger is?! They are levers shaped specifically to open clipped-together plastic devices. Up until now I have just used screwdrivers for this, but they tend to damage the plastic, and with plastic clips becoming more common instead of screws, I though it would be useful to have a spudger. Of course I wanted one made of titanium, because why not, but they don't exist, so I had to make one.

It started life as a flat sheet. Titanium isn't a very hard metal, but it is nonetheless remarkably difficult to cut. Sharp tools and elbow-grease required.

A small titanium plate, with a ruler next to it showing that it's 150mm long.
This is grade 2 titanium, which is weaker than other commonly available alloys, but also cheaper.
The same titanium plate, cut lengthwise into one larger and one smaller strip.
After being cut with a hacksaw to a size suitable for my hand.
The smaller strip, shaped, and with sharp edges removed.
A lot of effort with a hand-file and sandpaper to taper both ends.
Close-up of one end, similar to the end of a chisel but the taper is round instead of straight.
One end is steeply tapered. It isn't sharp, as that would cause damage to the thing being spudged. This end is the strongest, suitable for levering.
Close-up of the other end, thinned down to the thickness of a butter knife.
The other end has a longer taper, making it thinner - better suited to sliding into smaller gaps.
View of the whole spudger, but now the ends are tinted in a gradient of colours from brown to purple to blue.
Titanium can be easily coloured by heating it with a blowtorch. The temperature determines the colour. This is purely for decoration.

And that's it - it's just a metal stick really. The rounded edges and larger size mean it doesn't so easily dent and scratch plastic compared to a screwdriver.